Big Sky Scapes


Yes, it is time for the round of art shows to start again for the year. However I am not doing as many this year, just concentrating on the big shows. First up is the Western Heritage show in Great Falls the 14th thru the 18th of March one week from now. This show coincides with about 5 other shows in Great Falls, one being the previously known show "The Russell" which has changed name and organizers. Did that show for over 20 yrs. but am now looking forward to being a part of the Western Heritage group. They have run a very successful show for many years also.

I will be showing both my 2 very distinct styles of work, realistic watercolors and semi abstract acrylics. My Aussie rep lets me know that this is not easy to do but having a whole room to display my work and not having to share with another artist we will be able to hopefully make it work. Some art marketers tell the rep not to do this and only focus on one style but at this point in my career I hope people will accept that I am having fun trying something new and will see how it has added more depth to my realistic signature work. At some point I know the rep would like to just have a show for the semi abstract work to see how it would go, but we both think it would ned to be in a much more broad minded area. (we are a bit conservative around here and art tastes seems to run on more of the western/realistic style)

I will have a piece in the lobby show as well as the live auction.

What?       Western Heritage Art Show
When?      14th thru 18th March
Where?     Holiday Inn of 10th Ave, Great Falls, MT
Room?      # 233

One of the pieces I will have at the show. Come see us if you can and keep painting.


Its about time for a new blog since I haven't done one for quite awhile.  Life does seem to get in the way while you're planning something else.

I am back in the painting mode and have started some new watercolors. More on them at a later date.

I will be teaching a watercolor workshop for beginners and intermediate painters February 3rd and 4th. If you are interested contact me at 406 495 9203.

In the meantime, keep painting.


Evening Glow Rooster

This watercolor was done a few weeks ago and I am really pleased with it.  Every once in awhile an artist nails one that is a real zinger and this one does it for me. It's light and airy and simple and just has a good feel to it. Enjoy and keep painting!



This is one of my newest semi abstract acrylic pieces. It has been getting a lot of attention, very dramatic coloring, highlights to the fish make them really pop off the canvas.

finally a new post

Since we're finally settled in our new abode and studio my rep said it's time for a blog again. So I guess it is.
We're out near Montana City now and are really liking it . My studio is big enough now and we're seeing all kinds of birds and animals so it should be inspirational for some new paintings. At least one would think so.
Actually I do have some new ones done and they will be up on my web site shortly. Take a peek.
I'm also wanting to do another watercolor workshop but need to find the right place to do it. Hopefully I'll find one soon.
Some good news too. I just found out that my painting "Kingfisher" won the "President's Award" at this years MTWS show. So that's cool.
Keep painting!


Expanding into a bigger studio and moving into a new residence as well. My studio will be a large loft area on the top floor of a neat log home that we found in the Montana City area just outside of Helena. Great light to work in with decks all round with great views. I will really be able to go wild with my semi abstract  acrylic work now. Yes I am letting my Aussie rep come with me, actually she has it planned out that I can live completely on the top level as it also has it's own bathroom/bedroom area as well as studio space. She states that the only time she will need to see me is when I want to eat. So bear with us as we will be in the throws of moving for the next three weeks and still doing art shows in between. PHEW! tired just thinking of it.

keep painting,


Shows and more shows

My rep is getting after me to do a new blog since I haven't done one for a month.  So I guess it's time.  We're in the middle of a string of shows that have us crisscrossing the state and boy is this a big state.  This weekend we're back in Big Sky, then back to the Flathead for the Polson show, then down to Virginia City for their show, then two weeks off and down to Ennis, then up to Red Lodge for their Labor Day show.  I,m worn out just thinking about it.

Needless to say I'm not getting much painting done.  I am thinking about some new ideas though.  Possibly some realistic acrylics along the lines of "This Bull's Mine".  We'll see how it plays out. In the meantime keep painting.


Acceptance into MtWS exhibit

I just found out that I've had "Kingfisher" accepted into the Montana Watercolor Society National exhibition in September, so that's cool. I think it's a really good painting so I'll probably enter it in other shows as well. It is a good composition and has great value ranges which is VERY important for strong paintings. Keep that in mind when you are submitting work into juried shows.

We have lots of shows coming up so I'm busy at the drawing board getting more paintings done.

Some of our glass products(tables, window glass) are starting to sell so that is way cool. Hopefully we will get them up on the website in the future.

Happy painting.


G'day from Montana's outback

G'day everyone, the artists Australian rep here. I have been keeping him busy painting and doing shows so we must apologies for missing a couple of weeks of blogging. (Actually the dinky die story is that I threatened him with "if you do not do your weekly blog post then I will do it for you") which he sternly told me he would not allow to happen for he is the artist. Well as I said G'day everyone!
So what shall I have a good old yarn about..........

well, we have been doing more shows and will get even busier with that over the next couple of months. The next two up are a painting demonstration here in Helena at Capital Sports and then the 17,18,19th we will be in Missoula, doing the Under the Big Sky Festival. Outside show, but don't let the non stop rain and flooding rivers stop you from coming to say G'day, after all this is Montana where nothing is daunting. Loren has been painting a lot of masterpieces (I told him as a big hot shot AWS signature member now he can not paint anything else but masterpieces) to which he gave me the "LOOK". The "Kovich look" as I call it, but all you ladies will understand that whatever man you have in your life will give you the "LOOK" at some point. We were in the very small but quaint town of Ovando just recently and stopped in at the local fly fishing shop. To our surprise we learnt that the owners have had a print of Loren's hanging in their home for about 11 years, painting of the Blackfoot River, so they were thrilled to have the artist himself standing in their shop. (sorry no image of the piece, but a brief description of casting on the river on a misty day) (psst! if you might like a print of this Blackfoot River painting just give us a shout,)

Going to sign off artist will tell me I am talking to do you understand why he said I could not do this?

This watercolor piece is titled "Canadian Neighbors"
not a new piece but one of my favorites. Very vibrant colors then most of his watercolor scenes. (yes it is for sale)

Ta Ta Mates!

Art Shows

Don't forget-two things; The Art Walk this Friday from 5 to 9. We'll be at Signs Now with new acrylics and new watercolors and new products that Signs Now are helping us with.

Then on Saturday the 21st we'll be up in Craig Montana (weather permitting) at Headhunters Fly Shop for the Caddis Fest. I'll be working on a new acrylic painting and we'll also have all the paintings and products there. Hope you can make it to one of these venues.

Another of my new skinny paintings.
"Middle Fork of the Flathead"